Mrs. Dakken

Hey there! I am Trista Dakken and I am very excited to be the K-12 school counselor for Hebron School. I earned my Master’s Degree in School Counseling from the University of the Southwest. I love working with students. My heart is to support, advocate and show up for students. I believe we all need someone that we feel is on our team, cares about us and is willing to speak truth to us. My goal is to be that for students. Parents and Guardians, I am also on your team. I want to work with you, not against you. I want good things for your kids.  We all want what is best for our students. Please know I appreciate hearing from you and look forward to helping your kids find success in all areas of their lives as well as moving forward and learning from failures. We know we need both in order to grow!


Trista Dakken Picture

What Does A School Counselor Do?

I provide individual counseling, small group counseling, teach life skills and communication lessons in classrooms, assist students with conflict resolution and emotional management, work with teachers and principals to implement prevention and intervention programs, and I prioritize developing a connection and providing a safe place for students to express themselves and work through the challenges they face as well as empower them to find their personal strengths and develop personal goals. I believe strongly in building community and a sense of belonging. I believe that all students can succeed and success looks different for each student. I am here to advocate, listen, empower, and support all students!!