Many of our extracurricular sports and other activities are extensions of the classroom and drama is no exception.  We are all ‘CHARACTERS’ in life and ‘play’ different roles as we navigate through our family/friend relationships and interactions with co-workers, supervisors/teachers and within activities.  Organized drama activities and events give students that opportunity to explore developing their own ‘personal character’ and portraying or pretending to be characters other than themselves in a comedy or dramatic setting.  Drama has been proven to have beneficial roles in encouraging people to explore each others’ ‘differences’ and understanding in our ever-changing world.


Every spring we do a Spring Drama Event that varies from year to year regarding the number and length of the plays we do.  This is open to grades 7-12.

We perform an afternoon Matinee for the student body and 1 or 2 evening performances.  Parents and community members unable to attend the evening performances are welcome and encouraged to attend in the afternoon.



Every fall we prepare and compete in the Region X One Act Play Competition.  We begin our meetings and start rehearsals by the end of September each year.  This is open for grades 8-12. Competition is held in Dickinson on the DSU campus and people are welcome to attend in the audience.

Anyone with questions of comments may contact Jodie Woroniecki at 701-878-4088 or 701-590-0076 and please leave a message.